The Power of Knowing What You Want

It's all in the name..."The Power of Knowing What You Want" is another tool that helps you get clear on what you want! You may be asking why clarity in what you want is important, the reality is that most people only know what they don't want in their lives. Therefore that is what they focus on and attract in their lives.

By getting clear and focusing on what you want, whether it's physically, emotionally, a state of being, you won't be distracted by the things do not serve you and you will begin to attract the things you want into your life.

You will be amazed at how this simple shift will affect your life. You can use this tool in many aspects of your life - career, relationships, finances, & health. I have outlined the step-by-step process below using home buying as an example.

To get clear on what you want -

1. Draw a medium sized circle on a blank piece of paper, or use this template.

2. On the inside of the circle, write down everything you do want (certain location, convenience, bus stop, no HOA's, family neighborhood, open floor plan, views, amenities, finishes & fixtures, flooring, basement, etc.)

3. On the outside of the circle, write down everything you do not want (highway noise, low ceilings, close neighbors, stress, hassle, high HOA's, etc.)

At the end of the day, a real estate investment is a big step and can be a stressful process. Why not set yourself up for success and go into the process with a clear understanding of what you want and see what happens!