Mindful March & My Action Calendar

What Is Mindful March?

Mindful March is an experience, a journey to help you to develop more present moment awareness in your everyday life through informal mindfulness practices. In our everyday lives we have so many repetitive motions and actions we do without thinking; eg. driving your car, eating breakfast, walking the dog, showering, scrolling social media, cooking dinner, washing dishes. When you can bring present moment awareness to your everyday actions you will begin to see and experience them in a different way. You will see them as opportunities to be present, to be here now, to see your repetitive motions in new ways, and to capture them fully.

For the month of March you try 31 different, formal and informal, mindfulness practices every day. Some of these informal practices can take 3 minutes, or some last throughout the day. Developing present moment awareness of your everyday actions can help you stay focused and calm as you go through your day-to-day life.

Formal vs. Informal Practices

Within mindfulness you will find formal and informal practices - 

Formal mindfulness practices are when you dedicate a specific amount of time to cultivating present moment awareness (more than 5 minutes).
For example - different types of meditations like awareness of breath or body scan. Formal mindfulness practices also include mindful movement like a walking meditation, or yoga where you connect your breath to movement.

Informal mindfulness practices are when you bring present moment awareness into your everyday life without setting time aside.
For example - Eating without distraction and focusing solely on your food, taking a few deep breaths every time you're at a stop light, paying attention to how the water feels on your skin in a shower, and taking a moment to pause before you respond in a conversation.


As John Kabat-Zinn says -  

"Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing. To cultivate mindfulness, you may have to remember over and over again to be awake and aware. We do this by reminding ourselves to look, to feel, to be. It's that simple."

I encourage you to try these 31 informal (no sitting meditation here!) mindfulness practices during the month of March. They are intended to help you develop more present moment awareness in your everyday activities and motions. Let's be real here, life FLIES by...

What is the point of living if each day and each moment goes by without us fully being aware of it and capturing it?