Bounce back program: career transition

four 60 minute sessions

During these four sessions, we focus on discovering you and what unique talents and abilities you bring to this world and how you can use those talents to discover your next step. There is still so much potential for you in this world, and with my support you will uncover your next steps.

  • This program is right for you if:

  • you are a retired collegiate or professional athlete

  • you are looking for the next step in your life, or a career that lights your up

  • if you are ready to define your purpose, create a new vision, and draft a new set of goals

  • if you are ready to live life to its fullest with a new set of mindful practices

Bounce Back Program: Career Transition
  • Four 60-minute sessions in person or via tele conference.

  • Each call will have real conversations, concepts, and mindful practices and tools that will help you bounce back and live into your chosen legacy.

  • Must commit to all four sessions.

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