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We will dig into the relationship between mindfulness and performance and why training in both areas will make you a top performer. We also get clear on what you want to accomplish in your athletic career, short and long-term, and how that relates to overall life goals. You will walk away with a set of complimenting mental and performance-based goals, and a set of mindful practices and tools that will elevate your performance in training and in competition so you can be in the top 1% of your sport!

This program is right for you if you want a new set of mindful practices and tools to help you overcome mental blocks, stress, and anxiety while in training or in competition, and if you want a set of clear and actionable short and long-term goals that will boost your athletic performance.

Find Your Flow: Goal Setting
  • One 60-minute session in person or via tele conference

  • Option for 30-minute follow up call

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