As a young girl I knew I wanted to be an Olympian. I dreamed big because that is what children do. I was fearless, doubt wasn’t on my radar. I dedicated sixteen years to my dream of becoming an Olympian. Those sixteen years were rich with hard work, successes, world travel, incredible people, podium finishes, injuries, laughs, growth and…failures. Failures both small and life shattering.

I was blessed to grow up in the beautiful mountain town of Aspen, Colorado where I began snowboarding at the age of eight through the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club. This is where I was first introduced to goal-setting. Each season we were asked by our coaches to write down goals whether it be learning a new trick, improving our training and fitness regimen, honing competition toughness, or simply getting to the podium. Through a clear path set by my goals, by the time I reached high school I was competing nationally and internationally at the professional level. Throughout the snowboarding career that followed, I competed in X-Games, Jr. Worlds, Gravity Games, World Cups, Burton Opens, Triple Crowns, Dew Tours and Grand Prix’s.

I was named to the US Snowboard Team for Boardercross at age 16. Two years into my participation however, I knew that my snowboarding passion didn’t lie in Boardercross. At age 18 I changed disciplines completely, moving to Slopestyle. Also, at that time, I began college, taking fall semester classes at the University of Colorado and then training and competing during the winter, spring and summer. This is when I experienced my first mental block and downward performance spiral in my snowboarding career. I found I was not progressing. I was not doing well in competitions. I didn’t have the drive or motivation needed to get me to the next level. I had no direction. I was not setting goals and I was no longer visualizing myself winning.

I returned to the process of thoughtfully considering and writing down goals, thought-based and performance-based. This got me back on track and through accomplishing the small goals I again set for myself, in 2011 I was named for the second time to the US Snowboard Team, this time for Slopestyle. This was a huge accomplishment as Slopestyle was to debut in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Finally, I had my opportunity. This was my chance to accomplish my dream of becoming an Olympian. It was my chance to prove to myself that the last sixteen years of dedication, sacrifice and hard work would result in my dream coming true.


January 2014, in the final Olympic qualifier, I failed to make the US Olympic team by two points. As soon as I fell during my final qualifying run I knew it was over. In the instant that my feet came out from under me, my dreams were shattered. Sixteen years of blood, sweat and tears, all gone within seconds.

What I didn’t understand in that instant is that I would be okay. That I would still be standing four years later with more passion for life, more clear on my path than ever.

After retiring from competitive snowboarding, my life did a complete pivot. My first goal was to finish college, which I did, graduating from University of Colorado in December 2014. But a problem surfaced. My identity, Jordie Karlinski, was ‘snowboarding’. I did not know who else I was, what else I was passionate about, what else I was good at or could succeed at. I began trying on so many different hats it made me exhausted and frustrated. I simply didn’t know what I was put on this earth to do.

Eventually I learned of Lightyear Leadership, a self-leadership methodology that radically transforms individuals, companies and communities. I was looking to discover who I am and what I’m meant to do, Lightyear appealed to me. I began my Lightyear Leadership journey in November 2015 and in January 2017 became certified to teach Level One: Personal Legacy. This journey changed my life.

I learned that life is about enjoying what we do and maintaining a sense of humor. I learned that I’m a natural leader. When I am grounded and leading my life authentically, I am happiest and most inspired. I’ve gained confidence to once again, follow my dreams and fulfill my purpose of guiding others to live out their most fulfilled and badass lives. I’ve learned the power of communication, I have real conversations. I’ve learned the meaning of authentic connection – to myself and to others. I’m clear on what I want in life and know I can achieve it through goal setting and visualization. Most importantly, I have discovered my complete and authentic self.

In 2014 when I failed to accomplish my Olympic dream, I wish I could have seen past the immediate, utter disappointment and told myself to have faith, that there will be a silver lining. It would have been good had I been able to understand that I was right where I was meant to be. That the universe had my back, that I would be stronger for the defeat, that I would find my way to a clear and rewarding life path, that I would be happy and successful, once again doing what I love. Disappointment isn’t the end, it’s a beginning.


I continue to snowboard almost every winter day and have discovered a new passion within snowboarding: exploring the backcountry on my splitboard with friends. In summer months you’ll find me backpacking, trail running, fly fishing and sleeping under the stars.


Certified Lightyear Leadership Leader

Student Coach at the Mindfulness Coaching School, an ICF accredited school

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coaching philosophy

I believe that we are all performers, and that we perform every single day of our lives. While an athlete might perform “on stage” at competitions, an individual performs at work, at home, as a self-started, etc. My programs and tools are designed to help people bring out the best of themselves and in turn, perform at their best on a daily basis.

I know that life is not easy and is filled with an incredible amount of hurdles, so that is why my coaching approach is also rooted in mindfulness. I offer you reliable and useful mindful practices that will not only support you, but also help you cultivate awareness that will help you discover your passions, purpose, and help you lead your dream life.

I believe that this life is short, yet sweet, and that we all have the potential to pursue our wildest dreams.


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