Designed For athletes and individuals

Perform at your peak and reach your highest goals with my private coaching packages -

I work with athletes who are looking to take their mental skills to the next level, and individuals who are looking to live a passionate, motivated, and high performing life. My personal coaching programs will help you perform at your peak, unlock your potential, and live out your wildest dreams!

As a retired professional athlete, I know what it takes to perform at your best, and that is why my coaching programs weave in mindful practices. You will gain mindful tools that will support you in taking the next step whether that is winning a competition, or landing your dream job.


Program break down

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During my private coaching for athletes and individuals we will tackle limiting beliefs, negative emotions, your inner critical coach, fear, core values, goals, and discover mindful practices that will support you in living into your best life, or in achieving a high level of athletic performance. These custom packages start with a complimentary consultation to make sure we are a good fit!

My three specific programs are: Ground & Root Core Values, Find Your Flow: Goal Setting, and Mindful Sports Performance. These have specific content and include a workbook.

Live your life based on passion, not fear. All it takes is commitment, having an open mind, and compassion. Ready to start your journey? Below are my current offerings!


Complimentary Consultation

20 Minutes

+ Not sure where to start or have questions? Schedule a free consultation with me and I will help guide you! This is also a great opportunity to see if we are a good fit.

THE MINDFUL Athlete: Custom Coaching

+ Private coaching for the athlete who is currently in competition, or who has recently retired and is experiencing a post-athletic career transition.

+ You will discover ways to develop deeper focus and awareness of your thoughts & emotions so you can perform at your best. Learn to manage your inner critical coach & negative emotions so you can perform at your full potential!

Minimum Four Sessions For Optimal Benefits (priced per session)

First step is to schedule a consultation.


THE MINDFUL Individual: Custom Coaching

+ Private coaching for the individual who is looking to live a more mindful life. You can be a business professional, private chef, police officer, yoga teacher, or an entrepreneur…at the end of the day we are all performers!

+ You will discover ways to develop focus and awareness of your thoughts & emotions so you can unlock your potential and let nothing get in your way!

Minimum Four Sessions For Optimal Benefits (priced per session)

First step is to schedule a consultation.


Mindful Sports Performance

Two 60 Minute Sessions | $145.00

Find your flow: GoaL SETTING

One 60 Minute Session | $95.00

Ground & root: Core Values

One 60 Minute Session | $95.00


Coaching philosophy

I believe that we are all performers, and that we perform every single day of our lives. While an athlete might perform “on stage” at competitions, an individual performs at work, at school, at home, as a self-started, etc. My programs and tools are designed to help people bring out the best of themselves and in turn, perform at their best on a daily basis.

I know that life is not easy and is filled with an incredible amount of hurdles, so that is why my coaching approach is also rooted in mindfulness. I offer you reliable and useful mindful practices that will not only support you, but also help you cultivate awareness that will help you discover your passions, purpose, and help you lead your dream life.

I believe that this life is short, yet sweet, and that we all have the potential to pursue our wildest dreams.


What people are saying…

  • “Spending time with Jordie is always a great choice! She is an exceptional leader and facilitator who knows how to hold space for a group. She’s the perfect mix between a friend & a coach, someone you can easily drop right in with and talk big life dreams.”

  • “The workshop was so well organized and professional from beginning to end! The unexpected swag bags were incredible, Jordie aligns with great brands. And the food. The food was out of this world! Until this workshop I’ve never before in my life gone back for seconds and thirds of anything gluten free and vegan, but this food changed all that!”

  • “If you’re considering working with Jordie, jump right in. It’s an experience everyone would be fortunate to have!”