hello, I’m Jordie!

  • Mindful Performance Coach

  • Retired US Snowboard Team Athlete

  • Mountain Lover, Adventurer, Trail Runner, Backpacker, Fly Fisher

  • Inspired by Nature, the Mountains, and Humans

  • I Work With Athletes, Individuals, and Host Community Workshops!


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Whether you’re an athlete or individual I work with people who are looking to improve their performance, reach their goals, and find more success in their lives. In my private coaching I coach you on developing mindfulness practices that will deepen your mind, body connection by creating awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. I also support and coach you on integrating the awareness you gain into your daily life and performance events so you can unlock your highest potential!

Schedule a complimentary consultation to begin the process, or check out my others programs like Ground & Root: Core Values / Find Your Flow: Goal Setting / Mindful Sports Performance. These programs are set, meaning the content is already created and we will go through it together.

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“Spending time with Jordie is always a great choice! She is an exceptional leader and facilitator who knows how to hold space for a group. She’s the perfect mix between a friend & a coach, someone you can easily drop right in with and talk big life dreams.”

“The workshop was so well organized and professional from beginning to end! The unexpected swag bags were incredible, Jordie aligns with great brands. And the food. The food was out of this world! Until this workshop I’ve never before in my life gone back for seconds and thirds of anything gluten free and vegan, but this food changed all that!”

“If you’re considering working with Jordie, jump right in. It’s an experience everyone would be fortunate to have!”

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