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Jordie Karlinski Coaching For Athletes, Individuals, and Organizations

Retired US Snowboard Team Member, now a Mindful Performance and Life Coach. I work with current and transitioning athletes and individuals who are looking to lead a high performing life, fulfill their deepest dreams and desires, and live a life that is worth leaping out of bed for!


Mindful Performance & Life Coaching

Unlock Your Highest Potential


I work with athletes, individuals, and organizations who are looking to unlock their potential, fulfill their deepest dreams and desires, and live a life that is worth leaping out of bed for. My coaching approach is intentional and courageous so you can access deep transformation, discover your inner power, and feel empowered to journey down a path that lights you up...and may feel scary at times!

I know that life is not easy and is filled with an incredible amount of hurdles, so that is why my coaching approach is also rooted in mindfulness. I offer you reliable and useful mindful practices that will not only support you in hard times, but also help you cultivate awareness that will help you discover your passions and purpose.

I believe that this life is short, yet sweet, and that we all have the potential to pursue our wildest dreams.


I offer mindful performance and leadership programs that are designed for

Athletes who are in competition and looking to take their performance to the next level, or out of competition and are beginning their transition to find a new purpose and career.

Individuals who are looking to discover their inner leader or build upon their current leadership so they can live a more productive, clear, and intentional life.   

Organizations who know great leadership starts with leading oneself and who wants to elevate their team.




Mindful Performance

When we combine mindful practices with our daily movement and actions, we are experiencing mindful performance.

Mindfulness is intentionally being aware of the present moment and noticing what emotions, thoughts, or feelings come up without judgment or latching on to them.

We live in the moment and are in choice about the life we are creating for ourselves. We are able to respond to uncomfortable situations and shift out of unproductive or negative thought patterns more quickly. 

We begin to discover what really matters to us, who we are here to be, and what we want to accomplish in life.

By developing transformational practices and getting clear what we want to achieve, we live each day with intention, purpose, and joy.

The benefits of mindful performance are backed in research, read more HERE.



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I am here to empower others to lead a high performing life and discover their inner potential through mindful performance and leadership practices.